Seven Steps to Completely Turn Your Life Around This Year

Changing your life completely is a huge step that requires a major effort. Nonetheless, the result is worth the struggle. Commit to this 7-step challenge and you will arrive at the desired destination already next year:

Begin With The End In Mind. While making a decision to commit to something, take a moment to get it crystal clear what change you would like to experience and what kind of person you would like to become within the next year or two. Imagine how you achieve your goal and try to design a blueprint of how you are going to move towards your desired destination. Then you will know exactly what steps to take.

Declutter Your Life. Slow down and take some time to simplify your life. Get rid of the things that have always been holding you back. Get rid of the stuff that associates with the life you would like to change. Stop comparing yourself with others and prioritize your goals. Clear your mind from the unnecessary thoughts and create more space in your life for new pure energy and massive wins.

Master Your Mindset. Embrace the truth: Everything worth doing is going to be neither easy nor fast. It holds true for this challenge as well. Therefore, be ready to face tough obstacles and deal with the unexpected issues. Nonetheless, it doesn’t mean you cannot succeed. It only means you need to be ready. Stop doubting your strengths. Make the goal to change your life completely your priority. Become obsessed. And get down to work.

Start Small. Your life is a set of little seemingly innocuous decisions, choices and actions. The repeated ones constitute your daily habits. These are the ones that eventually shape your life and define your level of productivity and success. Start small and strive to develop a good habit attitude by breaking bad habits and developing only routines that are the perfect fit for the life you would like to live.

Grow 0.1% A Day. Whatever you want to achieve, try to approach that goal with the constant pace: 0.1% a day. Since your personal growth has a compounding effect, these seemingly trivial steps will eventually allow you to grow 37.78% a year and become multiple times better than you are now already in two years. Commit to continuous and consistent growth. Do the things that take you closer to your aspirations every single day.

Avoid Negative People. Your environment is crucial. The chances are that you are not likely to experience any change if you stay in the stagnant and not challenging environment. You need to surround yourself with people who are better, smarter, stronger and faster. Choose your environment wisely and avoid negative people who are always too pessimistic and skeptical towards your goals. Get around greatness and make sure the people who you hang out with are supportive and inspiring.

Leave Your Comfort Zone. No change will come if your stay within your area of ease and convenience. All the opportunities for growth are far beyond your comfort zone. Learn to leave it on the consistent basis and do the things that scare you. Very soon you will find out that the life in your discomfort zone is not that frightening but rather full of new earlier unfamiliar, interesting and exciting things that indeed take you closer to your desired aspirations. Expand your comfort zone – change your life.